Donald Trump’s Funny Face Site

Lets laugh on Trump’s meme Site 😂

I am fan of one interesting guy who is Donald Trump. I would like to introduce Donald Trump.

According to Wikipedia, Full name of Donald Trump is Donald John Trump (1946) who is an American businessman and politician, is the President-elect of the United States. His presidential transition is underway, and he is scheduled to be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. At 70 years old, he will be the oldest person to assume the presidency.

Donald Trump’s Funny Face Site

Recently i looked at the funny face site of Donald.


I really become fan of this funny created site on Donald Meme. I can’t express any word on this funny site. It’s look like real graphics.

Website is www.trumpdonald.org which is made by Animal (Animal is a full-service creative agency based in Stockholm Who strive to create stories worthy of being told, and exist to build brands and businesses in the new digital world order . )


Visit Donal’s Funny Site


After loading this site you will meet Donal Trump and….  (See in Video)




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