7 Funny things You Can do using CDs

Don’t Waste CDs, Just Use them…

Do you have old CDs or DVDs ?? And planing to through it in dustbin. STOP! STOP!

Below are some funny ideas to use old CDs in new way. You should watch them and do them in funny way.


#1.  Make a beautiful and glowing wreath out of old CDs


#2. Make a unique flower arrangement with CDs


#3. Arrange the CDs on a stack with some LEDs and you have a lamp.


#4. Make vanishing blinds or a long curtain with CDs


#5. Create an art installation with CDs



#6. Make a disco ball for the dance floor with CDs.


#7. Make an iPhone Dock with old CDs


These are best funny tricks to use cds to make the use. I think you have enjoyed these videos.


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